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My Portrait by Audrey Bishop


My portrait.My twitterfriend and fellow skeptic, Jillus, tweeted about an artist who's working on a project called 200 Portraits.

The premise is as simple as the title, really.  Audrey, the artist, planned to complete 200 portraits. All she needed were subjects, really. (Though I think she could probably use a paypal donation or two as well.) So, she asked people to send pictures.

I took a look at her work on the project so far, and liked it. I've never had a portrait done, (besides self-portraits and theme park characterturists), so, with that in mind, I sent her my favorite photo of myself.

I really quite like the result, though I think I look a little more irritated than usual.

What? I'm not always irritated! Am not! You know what? Piss off!

Er... Anyway, as of this post, Audrey is only on 28 out of two hundred, so she might still need pictures and therefore there might still be time to get a very cool portrait AND help out an artist. Check out her site.