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DIGG: David Beckham signs with L.A. Galaxy - Coming to the USA.


Former England captain David Beckham will leave Real Madrid at the end of the season and sign a five-year deal for MLS side Los Angeles Galaxy, he told Reuters on Thursday.

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MLS bites.

This is good news for American Soccer fans, even if it might not be a good career move for Beckham. I think it's kind of risky. Hopefully, this will help inject some life into American Soccer, one of the few sports I like enough to consider watching. If it does, then that would be excellent. Maybe we can get some European coaches over here to liven up play and stop losing our talent to the Euro teams.

Then someday, omg, maybe even field a competitive team in the World Cup.

We'll see. If any one person can give MLS a kick in the pants, it's probably Beckham. That dude is fuckin' poplar everywhere.