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Even Leapfrog is prohibited, I hear...


I got into an odd discussion about calendars and leap years, so I did a little wiki research on the topic and stumbled across this tidbit: "In the Islamic calendar, leap months are not used. They are forbidden by the Qur'an, which says..."

WTF? Were they running out of shit to ban?! 

Mecca, sometime in the 7th century. A wise looking prophet, MUHAMMED, sits with a SCRIBE. MUHAMMAD dictates as the SCRIBE scribes.


"Ok, cartoons of the prophet. Got it. What's next?"


"Leap years!"




"I hate that shit. I can never remember how many days in February!"


"I'm not adding that. It's stupid."


"You have to! I'm fucking Muhammad and an angel told me Leap Years are evil! Don't make me add something about stoning mouthy scribes..."


"FINE. Whatever. Next?"


The above didn't actually happen, as the Qur’ān did not exist in book form at the time of Muhammad's death in 632. It is, however, funnier this way. It would be funnier still as a cartoon.