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RANT: Suicide


I've got mixed opinions on this one. I mean... one one hand, it's
a total cop-out. It really is the ultimate in backing down and
saying you're just too damn weak to deal with the same shit that
the rest of the populace has to deal with. Hell, whatever your
problems are, I can guarantee that there's someone with worse
problems. (If you're readin' this, you have access to a computer.
So it can't be THAT bad, eh?) Now, don't get me wrong... I'm not
talking about Kevorkianism or self-induced euthanasia. If you're
fatally ill, and in great pain.... sure, maybe it's time to retire.
That's your bag, and it's up to you to deal with it.

On the other hand, I'm really all for it. Not for me, mind you...
I don't even like to leave my apartment... much less this plane
of existence. No, I'm talking about the throngs of stupid SOBs
out there. If some of them want to practice self-imposed darwinism...
who'm I to stop them? Hell, if it weren't a felony I'd loan 'em
a gun.

The thing that really irks me about suicidals, is there total
lack of concern for others. I mean, really, it is the most selfish
thing that can be done. Most of the time, I applaud their efforts
to clean the gene pool... it's just the way they go about it.

The main thing to remember is: Someone is going to find your sorry
dead ass.

Try to consider that before you guzzle those pills or launch a
wad of lead into your brain. Who is going to find you? What condition
will you be in? Consider what your mom or spouse or child will
go through when they discover your partially headless corpse slumped
in the corner. Those who care about you are already in for a lot
of pain because of your action. Is it really necessary to put
them through this extra bullshit? You're going to scar them for

And if you want them to find your corpse so "they'll be sorry
<sniff, sniff>"... well, that's fine. But if there's a hell, I'll see you there. And when I do, I'm gonna kick your sorry dead ass.

In fact, that's really what spawned this rant. The way that the
'David Letterman Stalker' chick checked out recently, for example.
She placed herself on some train tracks and got herself turned
into ground chuck. The really fucked up part? The engineers on the
train had to witness her horrific departure. That's just wrong.

That's all.

Original date: 11/15/98