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Do It Differently


We've all heard the question before. If you had it to do over again,
would you do it differently, knowing what you know now?
It's been applied
to lives, marriages, careers and I most recently heard it applied specifically
to high school.

So, I thought about it (for about a second) and came to the conclusion that,
hell yes, I would do it differently.

I wasn't exactly the most popular kid in school. Fairly geeky with odd
interests and few social skills. (I'm not saying I had no friends,
by the way... I'm merely applying my own status against the entire scale of
high school popularity.) I was fairly uncomfortable in my own skin until my
senior year or so when the method to dealing with school and other people
finally started sinking into my brain.

Now, with my knowledge about how people and societies work combined with my
super-keen arm-chair psychology... I'd love to take on high school again. Funny
thing is, I don't think I'd be any more popular and I still wouldn't get the
girl... but I would have a lot more fun.

The intricate politics and fragile egos of even the most popular kids
would make fun playthings for a kid with nothing to lose. I mean, what
could happen? I'd get left out of the popular clique? So what? I now
know two important things about that. First, I never would have made it into
the popular circle anyhow and second, I don't want the popularity.

I'd have spoken more openly and told more people what I felt... (including
teachers). (Speaking of teachers, I'd like to take a moment to give a shout out
to the typing teacher who flunked me my freshman year. I now type faster than
you ever did and... more importantly... make more money than you ever made.
-0= dickhead.) (Not that all my teachers were bad, mind you.
I had some fucking awesome teachers in high school.)

In the end, I'd have probably left high school with the same number of
friends... but the people who didn't like me just for being me, would have been
given really good reasons hate me.

Of course, if I went to high school now... I'd be in trouble. I'd be one
of the kids getting
because I might match the Littleton profile.

Given all the choices tho... I'd rather not go at all.