What? EMAIL? THAT'S SO last decade!

Ok, fine. You can email me. Use the form over there on the right.

WARNING: If you spam me, I'm going to hunt down everyone you've ever known and loved and tell them that you are a dirty, rotten spammer. And you smell.


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Mostly Complete


Sections complete: Home page, Rants, Tidbits, Lists, About, Files, Thoughts,
Projects, Links, π. That's all but one!

The feedback section still needs some work. The guestbook is kind of broken
and the polls script has a long way to go. π still has a bug, but it works
most of the time. Additionally, I'm working on a script to automagically update
and archive the news file. Since those are all scripting issues and not
html/layout issues, I'm going to consider the site 'complete' and move it from
the test directory to the live one.

UPDATE: I'm scrapping the polls and may reconsider the guestbook.