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Quickies for 28DEC01


Another Christmas come and gone. It was a good one, since I spent it with
friends. We invaded their house over in the east bay for Christmas Eve and
Christmas Day.

Can you believe I haven't seen Lord of the Rings yet? That BITES. Everyone
has... er, well, Everygeek has! I am so behind the times! Ok, well plans are
to see it this Sunday. I can hold out another couple of days I guess.

I was part of SlackStreet's Xmas Special radio show.
Er, a very small part, since I don't have much of an opinion on Egg
Nog or Fruitcake... but Eric, The Dad, Shanna and Josh, The Rock had some
entertaining holiday rants. I only chimed in at the part about Xmas movies.
Go give a listen at