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Quickies for 06MAY01


Eep! I forgot to post a couple of news updates, so this file kind
of fell behind... that means it's time for Quickies!

My DSL got fixed after much finger pointing between Covad and PacBell.

Work has been hell the past couple of weeks. 14 hour days starting
at 8:30am...or worse. Haven't had a complete weekend off yet. (This last
weekend has been the best so far with only maybe 6 or 7 hours of work
total. It's almost like a real weekend! I've been so busy with
work that I've been AWOL from my CoFR buddies and my RL friends hardly
remember what I look like. (That's an exageration, my 'look' hasn't
changed much in the last ten years.)

Need For Speed: Motor City has been released and I don't have
my copy yet! ARGH! ...then again, who has time to play?

Tribes2 rocks, but you've got to play in the right atmosphere or it's
just hypeactive deathmatch. In the right server with the right people,
though, and it's one of the best team based FPS games ever. Incredible
team coordination and communication, various roles... just amazing.
...no time to play this either, though! I sneak in an hour here or an
hour there (per week), but it's hardly enough to keep my skills up or
learn the game.

It's paintball season and I've GOT to shoot somebody soon.

I managed to watch the first DVD in the Sharpe's series this weekend.
It's called Sharpe's Rifles and it stars Sean Bean as Sharpe. He's in
command of a group of Rifles in the British army during the Napoleonic
wars. Excellent show! I highly recommend it. Can't wait until Netflix
sends me the next disc...

Lastly, I now own a 1986 Harley Davidson HLH 1200 Sportster. Pictures
as soon as I get my digital camera back from the repair shop. Now I gotta
get a license...

Enough bitching and bragging. Hasta.