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Quickies for 12AUG01


Finally posted pics of my Sportster here.

Managed to watch the second Sharpe's DVD. Excellent episode entitled
Sharpe's Eagle. Next up is Sharpe's Gold. I hope the trend
of good storylines continues.

Also watched O, Brother Where Art Thou? on Friday... a very funny
flick. Clooney occasionally surprises me with his acting ability.

And to round out the DVD news (heh) I finally watched the last
Cowboy Bebop DVD (disc 6). Bebop is by far my favorite anime of all
time. It combines good art/animation, fun stories, comedy, action, a cool
"feel" and killer tunes. It also features the best English adaption
I've ever heard. I'm sort of bummed that I've gotten all the way through the
series. No more new episodes. Of course, word is there's gonna be a movie!

Saw the greatest show last month. Bugs Bunny on Broadway. It combined
Bugs Bunny (and other Warner Bros. cartoons) with the S.F. Symphony playing
some of the music live. Of course, the cartoons shown all featured some
of the more memorable music. Any Bugs fan should DEFINATELY catch this
show when it comes to your town.

Going to see the Gypsy Kings on the 18th. That should be cool.

Ok. I gotta go mow the lawn now... and then I get to take my bike
for a spin.