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Ripping With iTunes


I am almost done ripping my CD collection into MP3 format. It's a pretty
easy process with iTunes.
Drop a CD in the CD-ROM, close the CD tray, come back later and do it again.
Lovely! Of course, in the meantime, iTunes has downloaded the artist and track
names off of CDdb thus
minimizing the hassle of typing in all that data yourself. The only problem
is you are relying on data that some other end-user has typed in. Typos,
misspellings and bizare genre classifications all have to be fixed.

One thing I haven't figured out yet, is how to work with group names that
seem to contain the word "the" in the beginning. For example, I was holding
an Offspring CD in my hand and wondering if I had already ripped it. I
scrolled down to O in my Music Library window and there was no Offspring! I
knew I had already ripped at least two Offspring albums (maybe three) but none
showed up. Well, as I typed "offspring" into the search box in iTunes, the
problem became clear... "The Offspring" is under T. How obnoxious is that?

UPDATE: The newest version of iTunes fixes the "the" problem. ROCK!

PS: Happy birthday, Mom! :)