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Testing Blosxom


I've tried a few weblog and journal solutions, but most of them didn't quite fit the bill. One of the main options I was looking for was hosting it myself. I also like the idea of categorizing the entries. The other requirement was that it was easy to update.

So, recently I came across Blosxom, written by Rael Dornfest. It looks like it fits the bill.

Installation really was done in under 15 minutes, just as Rael claims on her site. It's a single Perl cgi with all of the settings contained within the script itself. Very clean. Then, when you want to post news/blog/journal entries, you just create a new text file with the title on the first line and the content following it. Drop the new file into the directory structure following your own organizational bent, and voila... yer done. Pretty nifty.

So, I'm testing it a bit more, but it looks like we have a winner.