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Teens Sue McDonald's


A New York Times article: Teenagers' Suit Says McDonald's Made Them Obese Um. OK. Let's see. Where to begin? How about: WHAT?!

A spokesman (sans big shoes and makeup) said "No one cares more about kids than McDonald's." Now, I don't quite buy that, I mean... it's a giant megacorporation. They don't give a rat's ass about the little guy. HOWEVER, I still gotta side with Ronald and the gang on this one. Who DOESN'T know that eating a steady diet of McDonald's (or any other fast food) is bad for you? It's common freaking knowlegde. (I mean, have you SEEN Grimmace?!)

Where are the parent's in all this? "I always believed McDonald's was healthy for my children," one of the father's is quoted as saying.

<blink, blink>

What is this guy?! Stupid or lying? Or both? Either he's a greedy bastard and caught a whiff of a potential lawsuit OR he's just too stupid to be a parent.

He complained that "he never saw anything in the McDonald's restaurants he visited providing information about the ingredients in the food". As if he would have read it. As if he was looking for it BEFORE he had litigious thoughts.

No, this guy apparently needs a sign that reads: "ATTENTION: Eating crappy food every day for your entire life MAY have an adverse effect on your health."

McDonald's and all other fast food chains make their (lack-of-)nutrition information available. You just have to freaking ASK for it.