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Slighlty Redesigned The Ol' Homepage


Ok, to accompany the Blosxom addition to my homepage, I've changed the layout a bit. The news.from.the.front section is now a little more prominent and easier to read. I think.

To the left of the bloggy goodness is the main menu and below that, you have probably already noticed, are some button ads. Please note that that's free pimpage. I'm not making any money on that space. (Like anyone would pay money to advertise here?)

It's just that the stuff I am pimping there is so exceptionally cool, it deserves it. Check 'em out. I'll probably add a couple more sites, and then auto-rotate the buttons.

Anyhow, feedback on the design is welcome, as always. Negative feedback will be responded to with bitter sarcasm and bad karma.

PS: I hate how different browsers render differently, btw.