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Darwinism Gets Help From MTV


Yahoo is running a story about a teen that died while apparently trying to recreate a Jackass stunt.

Um, just what is the problem here? (All apologies to Denis Leary and his suicidal metal fans rant.) Apparently a bunch of stupid teens have been inspired to hurt themselves and/or endanger their lives for the amusement of their equally stupid friends. Some of them aren't surviving the experience. Where's the downside? I mean, you know, on the grand scheme of things...? Sure these fucking morons are leaving behind grieving families and what not... but really. These people shouldn't even be allowed in the shallow end of the gene pool. So why should I care when they try a running-double-backflip, miss the pool completley and break their necks on the concrete? The signs say "NO RUNNING."


Ok, maybe the whole "pool" metaphor isn't working.

But, still. Come on. The same sort of fucknut who pulls this inane crap is probably just as likely to do something else just as suicidal and dangerous down the road. It might even endanger other people.

It seems to me MTV's Jackass has just provided a guide on how to submit yourself to a Darwinistic (did I just make up a word?) test. I kind think half these people wouldn't even pass a Turing test.

And they put it on TV. How bloody brilliant is that?! Kudos, MTV!

I don't mean to sound callous... but fucking come on.