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The Two Towers


Ok, I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. I'm a Tolkein
fan, but certainly no purist. There were changes made in TT that I do
question, but I won't go into them for fear of being a spoiler-monger.
That said, I still really enjoyed the film.

Caught the midnight showing (i.e. the very first possible showing)
with some friends and coworkers and I am glad I did.

You purists out there, prepare yourselfs... but go... give it a

You NON-purists out there, ditch your stuffy purist friends and go
see this one without them. :) It'll probably be more fun without them
telling you about how evil Peter Jackson is and the horrible things he's
done. (feh)

*I* think Mr. Jackson has done a fantasic job of recreating the
world and characters *again* and I gotta say: The Battle of Helm's Deep

PS: I give it 5 out of 5 dwarves are short jokes.