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RANT: Chase


(Background: I had a Chase Platinum Mastercard with an $800.00 limit.
(No, that's not a misplaced decimal point or missing zero. EIGHT HUNDRED.)
That's a significantly lower balance than my other cards. Because of the
low balance, I hardly used the card. I stuck with either one of my Visa's
or Amex's and kept the MC in reserve as a sort of back up emergency card.)

A week or two ago, Chase sent me a letter telling me that because of my
poor credit history (!) and my current balance ratios, they were lowering
my limit to $200. Two hun-fucking-dred dollars. Now, no billionaire am
I, but a $200 limit credit card is simply worthless to me.

So I called Chase.

I spent about 20 minutes on the phone with them explaining that I simply
do not have bad credit and they should fix my limit. I talked to three
different people. The last one tried hard to keep me as a customer, but
when she told me to go check my credit report and then call her back, I
couldn't take it anymore. They were the ones who fucked up and they
wanted me to do the leg work? So, in the end I told them they could
shove my card up their arse. (Slightly paraphrased.)

So, today, I got a letter from one of my Visa companies. They are
raising my limit by $3k and giving me "Platinum" status free of charge
with no annual fees. Poor credit my ASS. Thanks for the vindication,

The moral of the story: Chase can go FUCK THEMSELVES.

Original date: 06.15.02