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Poison In Concert


I went to a POISON concert. (OMG... POISON!) A coworker got ahold of some free tix and gave them to me to make up for me covering his project on the weekend. (Thanks, Bill!) It was Poison headlining, Cinderella & Winger supporting and Faster Pussycat opening. My timing was perfect. I got there near the end of Winger and saw all of Cinderella and Poison. Of course, half the show was the fans. I expected lots of people who didn't know it wasn't 1989 and I wasn't let down. Some scary folk. The majority of the crowd was actually normal. The folks stuck in a timewarp made up maybe a quarter of the people there. Shockingly, there were a lot of young people there. Girls who were maybe five or six when Poison was big were there... trippy. The BEST were these two guys tho.. maybe 16... wearing ripped t-shirts, ripped jeans, bandanas and wigs. I thought they were there for a goof.. but they knew ALL the words.