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Fun with Lungs


Well, time for another news update. This isn't a cheery one, so I suggest you tune elsewhere if you're looking for a happy puppies-and-kittens type catchup. Howerver, I need to put it here because of the number of people I need to update.

First, off, if you don't know about my lungs. Read this.

On the night of July 17th I had a lung collapse that was rather bad... and the hole didn't seem to close. On the 18th I went to the ER and ended up getting admitted to the hospital. On the 22nd, I had the surgery again since the hole hadn't closed. The surgery went well and I got out on the 25th. I've been recovering since then.

There's been a minor setback, however. I've had another small collapse. Yeah, I haven't even had the stitches out from the surgery yet. Peachy. The pain is bearable, so now I wait and see if the hole closes. Wish me luck.