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Quickies for 22SEP02


Ok, the big news first: I bought a new car! A NEW NEW car. As in I am the first owner! It's a first time for me, so I am a bit excited. :) It's a 2002 Mustang Coupe. It's not a GT, but it's still sweet and I'm enjoying it alot!

I'm working on a new project in my spare time. I'm pretty excited about it, but I don't wanna say too much of anything until it's a bit more solid. I'm excited enough about it that I think it might survive the apathy that kills most of my projects. heh.

Any of you OS X heads who aren't yet running Jaguar are missing out. It rocks. Seriously. No bias. Ok, a little bias. But still. ;)

Um... what else? Oh, Faire. Northern Faire is at Casa de Fruita this year. Maybe I haven't been paying attention, but that seems new. And wierd.

Planning a trip to Texas and Vegas in the second week of October.

I hope you all had a moment of silence or at least solemn thought on 9/11. It hardly seems like it was a year ago, it's still all so vivid in my head, and I'm on the other side of the country. My thoughts go out to my NY friends.

That's it. TC, people.