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Happy 2003


Like an excited child on Christmas morning, I sprang out of bed and ran to the window as soon as I work up. I wanted a glimps of 2003! But... *sigh*... yet again.... I saw no flying cars or robot maids or anything even remotely future-y looking.

But, no worries. Let me tell ya about my resolutions! Ok.. well, I don't have any. I got big plans for 2003 though! Well, not exactly big-big plans... just a couple things I plan to do in the new year. I guess it's not all that exciting really. You probably don't wanna even hear...

Wait. OK, there. Better. Got my second cup of coffee. Anyhow! My plans for 2003 aren't amazing or anything, but they're mine dammit!

  • Flight School - I've wanted to learn to fly ever since I was a kid. Since I'm in my 30's and have yet to develope even a HINT of superhuman powers, I figure I'd better just do it the hard way and get a pilot's license.

  • New Bike - By about mid-spring I should have the Mustang paid off. So, I was thinking I'd be able to afford getting a new Harley (after selling the Sporty of course.) This time something a bit more comfy. :)

  • Travel - I'm planning for my big European tour in 2004, but I plan to make a couple of smaller trips this year. Venues announce so far are New York and Portland. There will probably be a Texas trip in there too.

See? Told ya it wasn't exciting but you just HAD to know. Well, don't you feel silly?

Anyway, I hope you all had a great Festivus, Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza or whatever. Have a good new year, people.