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The Sport of ...dowhatnow?


Ok. So I stumbled upon a quicktime video out on the net of a girl stacking cups... competitively. She's freakishly fast at this odd event. I mean seriously freakish. She might be a mutant. (No offense, Emily.) The video is hosted by a company called Speed Stacks. The Leader in the Sport of Cup Stacking™

That's right. The Leader in the Sport of Cup Stacking™... with the ™ and everything.

On their About Us page, they say: "As more and more Physical Education teachers introduce cup stacking units in their classes, they see first-hand the benefits of this sport, not to mention the excitement being generated by students." Huh. I wonder if this is going to cut into the number of young hopefuls who pursue athletic careers in the realms of speed-typing and card-shuffling.

In their Store (yes, they have a store page) they have all sorts of sport stacking paraphernalia, including Super Stacks. "These cups are specially weighted - just like the pros use." Pros.

Did I mention they're talking about stacking cups?