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Too Many Stuffs


Sometimes I sit on my couch and think "There's nothing to do."

Then, I respond, "No way! You've got a bunch of hobbies and projects! WTF are you on about?"

A little stunned by the response, I say "But... that's kinda the problem. I mean I have a three books I'm reading, a pile of comics, unfinished artcrap, perl scripts to write, a stack of unplayed computer and PS2 games, stalled writing projects, friends I could be hanging out with, movies to watch..."

Then, I go, "Dude, STFU. You're all whiny and shit for no reason. Don't you realize some kids in Ethopia don't have ANY hobbies besides playing starving and here you are whining about too much-"

And I'm all, "Get off my case, man!"

It continues on till I notice that I'm talking to myself and at least one of me sounds like an annoying geek. (Little do I know, all of me sounds like that! ;)

Then I go back to wondering what to do, say "fuck it" and take a nap.