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New DVDs and Books... Yay!


Tower Records/Video was having a 25% off sale on everything in their store. I figured that was a good time to pick oup some of the DVDs I'd been wanting to buy for a while. I got Buffalo '66, Akira, the Cell, The Fifth Element, Queen of the Damned and the third season of Buffy. I coulda got stacks more, but on my way into the Records/Video store I saw that Tower Books next door was having a 30% off everything sale!

If had have known about that, I woulda brought a list. :) But since I didn't, I grabbed what I could remember from my wishlist. Beyond Good and Evil (Nietzsche), Why I Am Not a Christian (Russell), Technoromanticism (Coyne), Cryptonomicon (Stephenson), The Matrix and Philosophy (Irwin), Managing and Using MySQL (O'Reilly Pub.), Programming PHP (O'Reilly Pub.). Just some light reading. heh.