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Gator is Spyware


According to an article on CNet linked by Slashdot, Gator has started sueing people for calling them spyware. The call it libel.

In this case, they sued PC Pitstop because they call Gator spyware on their web pages. PC Pitstop offers adivice and methods on how to clean Spyware off of one's PC. They, much to the detriment of the 'net community, bowed to Gator's legal pressure and agreed to their demands. (Way to go, guys. Nice one. Thanks.)

Here's the deal: Gator is Spyware. Almost every end-user installation of it was NOT intentional, it reports back data to home servers, it steals RAM and CPU cycles, it installs itself in an obfuscated location, it's difficult to clean out... it's fucking spyware.

They say: "If we find anyone publicly calling us spyware, we correct it and take action if necessary."

Is my blog public? I think so... it may not be popular, but it must be public. So, yeah.. take action. (Action. Like, say, sucking it or kissing my ass.) (Admittedly it's unlikley that they'd even see this amidst the noise... Currently google returns 138 matches for "Gator is spyware". But still.)

Gator is spyware.

Fuck you, you fuckin' fucks. Assholes.