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Back from Seattle


We're back from our 5 day jaunt to Seattle. It was a fun trip. We saw Seattle's Museum of Flight (including a tour aboard the Air Force One that served Kennedy, and got to see the Concorde from the ground (it will be open for tours next week)), the Seattle Aquarium and the Pike Market among other things. On Friday night we went out drinking and I drank way too much at a local Irish pub. Way too much. There's a bunch of stuff we didn't do... we'll have to try to get to some of it on the next trip.

Annette's friend Caitlin let us stay in her condo while she stayed with her boyfriend, Brian. They were great hosts and Brian makes for a fun tour guide.

Ironic bit #1: Didn't really rain while we were in Seattle, but it rained in San Jose while we were gone.

Ironic bit #2: After 5 days in the Seattle cold weather, I catch a cold on my first morning back in San Jose. wtf?!