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Saddam Bans Weapons of Mass Destruction; Whitehouse Skeptical


Whew! We can all relax now. Saddam Hussein has banned the import and production
of weapons of mass destrction in Iraq.
According to the article, "the move drew
a skeptical response from Washington."

I think the actual quote from Donald Rumsfeld was: "Shyeahright! We'll immediate
begin steps to stand down from Operation Kick Your Sorry Ass... not. Good one, Saddam."

Apparently, Saddam ordered his ministers to "punish those who don't adhere to [the decree]."
Top Iraqi ministers and advisors immediately began spanking each other and giggling.

Whitehouse spokesman, Ari Fleisher, commented, "it was actually kind of creepy."

In related news, North Korea released a decree today that simply read: "Us too!"