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Upcoming Flicks


'03 is gonna be a good year for geek flicks. A slew of comic book movies,
some sci-fi treats and, of course, the final Lord of the Rings movie.

On the comic book turned movie front, there's a couple of cool looking
offerings. I look forward to Xmen 2. I know, I know. Sequels suck... but
I enjoyed the first one a lot and I hope the second does justice to some
of my favorite characters from the comis that didn't make it into the first
film. (*BAMF!*)

Hulk, all CGI and no face-paint, looks like it might be quite a ride too...
but we haven't gotten a glimpse of what the Hulk is actually going to look
like yet. (But how could it be worse than a sea-sick Lou Ferrigno?)

Daredevil opens today. I might give it a couple weeks before I go see it.
While I do like Ben Affleck, I got a feeling that I might be pulling for the
villians in this one. (Elektra just ain't..uh... Elektra enough.)

And on the sci-fi front? Matrixes. (That's MATRIXES. PLURAL.) 'Nuff said.