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RANT: France Needs to Get Smacked.


France should shut the hell up. Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying everyone who disagrees with the U.S. (in whatever way/shape/form) needs to keep quiet... just fucking France.

Today, French President Jacques Chirac verbally slammed various Eastern European countries for supporting the U.S. stance on Iraq. France essentially stated that open support of the U.S. on this matter might affect these countries being admitted to the EU.


Can we just kick France out of NATO already? Fuck they're annoying.

I'm not even completely pro-war on the matter. (Note: I'm not anti-war either. I think Saddam needs to die, or at least step down. Preferably just die though.) France is just so freaking anti-U.S. that they've begun to whine and threaten when any other Europeans don't agree with them.

I'm not saying France has to agree with the U.S. I'm not even saying they are wrong for opposing us. Whatever. Just like a person, they're entitled to their own opinion.

But so are the Polish, Hungarians, Czechs, Romanians and Bulgarians... get it, Chirac?

It's not like all of the EU is in agreement anyway. Spain, Italy, Denmark and Portugal are among those that have voiced support for the U.S. stance. France criticizing EU hopefuls for taking a stance that several EU members nations already have is damned close to hypocracy.

If France was a person, I'd say he was a loud-mouthed, sanctimonious prick and whiney git.

And a CESM.