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Feed The Addiction


My latest batch of movies arrived from DeepDiscountDVD.com. I got six movies
on five DVDs. :) Black Hawk Down, Hellraiser, El Mariachi/Desperado,
Suicide Kings
and Vampires.

Hellraiser is a classic in the modern horror genre. My DVD collection
felt a little too... too... un-hellish without Pinhead represetin'. So, I
finally have added it to the collection.

Also sort of in the horror genre is Vampires (aka John Carpenter's
). Now, I swear, the first time I saw this movie I thought it
sucked. (edit: doh. No pun intended.) I thought, "Sure Woods is cool, but ugh!"
A couple friends told me I just had to watch it again (a couple of times) and
somehow it grew on me. Maybe I saw something in it that I didn't see the first
couple of times. Something that I just can't put my finger on. Something...

Or maybe James Woods is just so fucking cool and such a bad-ass vampire-killer
that all is forgiven. :)

Also, allow this blog-entry to be a recommendation for anyone who likes
black (that's black as in dark, not black as in Martin Lawrence ;) comedies
to see Suicide Kings. It's a brilliant comedy with a great cast. It
reminds me of Last Supper and Very Bad Things.

Anyways... I'm gonna go try and see DD tonight. Hope it doesn't suck.