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RANT: Evil Never Sleeps


War is upon us and we must remember that the enemy is EVIL and if given half the chance they would invade our homes and try to take over our lives. They are insidious, devious and determined. They must be stopped at any cost. I think, if necessary, our President should even employ nuclear (or even nuc-yoo-ler) weapons against them.

No, I'm not talking about Iraq, North Korea or even Al-Queda. It's the damned telemarketers you gotta watch out for.

What? You think I'm kidding? Read this article at CNN.

A new telemarketting tool that can defeat the Telezapper and is able to "dodge such phone company privacy services as SBC's Privacy Manager and Sprint's Privacy ID, both of which reject calls that don't provide caller ID information."

The telemarketers are LIARS (not to mention soul-less spawns of evil born in pits of bile and brimstone, with big goat horns and.. and.. hooves and teeth as big as your leg! But I digress.) You see, they claim that they do not want to call people who don't want to be called. That's why (they say) they are self-policing their industry with a shared "do not call" list.

Apparently that's grade-A-straight-from-the-bovine's-ass bullshit.

If I'm attempting to block their calls, I obviously don't want them. If they're trying to circumvent me blocking them, they obviously don't care what I want.

That's evil.

Stop attacking my privacy.


PS: On a bright note: The Federal Trade Commission has said its Do Not Call list will begin collecting names this summer and be in operation by the fall. Telemarketers who phone listed numbers can be fined up to $11,000 for each violation.