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RANT: Wacko Fundos Unite


The Washington Post has an article entitled "Islamic Bloc, Christian Right Team Up to Lobby U.N." It's an old article, from June '02.

Conservative U.S. Christian organizations have joined forces with Islamic governments to halt the expansion of sexual and political protections and rights for gays, women and children at United Nations conferences.

That's the first paragraph. The rest of the article, which you should go read for yourself, talks about different U.S. Christian groups that have banded together with each other, the Vatican and a group of "more than 50 moderate and hard-line Islamic governments, including Sudan, Libya, Iraq and Iran."

(Did you get that? hard-line Islamic governments. Geeze, it's too bad we dismantled the Taliban, eh? I guess they could have joined the fun too.)

The president of the U.S. based Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute* (C-FAM) referred to the Islamic governments as "allies" rather than "friends". The common ground for this alliance appears to be mostly twofold: 1.) opposition to a "need to protect prostitutes, intravenous drug users and [gays] from contracting AIDS" and 2.) opposing abortion.

Ok... the abortion thing. I've got my position, you've got yours. There are pro-groups and anti-groups. Whatever. I'm Pro-choice. I don't like that they've all banded together into fight abortion, but that's not so much what this post is about. I'm not gonna tell you what to think because it wouldn't do a damn bit of good. You keep supporting the movement you support, and I will support mine. Just please don't shoot any doctors, ok?

Now, what does thoroughly piss me off here is that all of these fundo groups are so caught up in there fucking moral-superiority that they don't give a SHIT about the spread of AIDS. They don't fucking care that AIDS isn't a gay issue. It isn't a prostitute issue. It isn't an IV-drug user issue. It's a global human health issue. Global. Human.

Listen, you fucktards, it doesn't matter how somebody got it. Whether it's via high-risk behavior or not. We help him or her, educate everyone on how to stop the spread (yes, that means safe sex and safe drug use) and continue to look for a cure.

A word or twenty about high-risk behavior: HIV is going to spread even if you "rehab", lock up or stone to death every prostitute, drug user and homosexual. That's right. It's already out there. There's no putting this monster back in it's cage. It's trying to kill us all.

And you're helping it, assholes.

*=And another thing, how can C-FAM fucking group call itself a human rights group when they seek to impose their will on others? Isn't that just a wee bit ironic? You know, in a so-evil-it's-almost-funny kind of way?

I'd apologize for all the fucking language, but I'd be lying if I said I was sorry. okthxbye