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Welcome To The Party, Afghanistan!


As of today, .af is in the hands of the Afghani government. It's the top level country domain for Afghanistan. You know, that country where the internet (along with other stuff like shaving and women) was banned not too long ago. .af has been around a while, but because of state of the country it's been sort of on ice. Obligatory news linkage. (I think the "f" in .af is for Fuck You, Taliban.)

Now, a bit of advice to the people of Afghanistan: The internet is a wonderful medium. You can learn all sorts of great information and talk to all sorts of interesting people. Hell, email alone will get you a better mortgage, a university diploma, an international driver's license, larger breasts and a bigger penis. You'll be able to do all that while making MONEY FAST and LOSING 25LBS IN A WEEK. I'll let you discover all about the horny lesbians and such on your own. <wink, wink, nudge, nudge>