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Pen & Teller: Bullshit!


It's my new favoritest tv show. It's on Showtime and the website is here.

It's all about debunking, well ...bullshit. So far, I've seen three episodes and all of them have been brilliant. In the first, they debunked "speaking with the dead." You know, that crap that John Edwards and the like pull on TV. Cold reading, con artists, etc. They actually had a guy that used to do it help them.

The next show I saw featured second hand smoke and baby products. A particularly interesting show, since P&T don't smoke and find it distasteful but still decided to expose some of the anti-second-hand smoke bs. They also tackled some of the goofy baby products out there that well-meaning parents spend their cash on. (Baby Mozart was a good example.)

The last one I saw was about Feng Shui and bottled water. I was so happy to watch something anti-Feng Shui that I almost cried. I think Feng Shui is a load of ancient Chinese crap. (As Penn put it, "Feng Shui is Chinese for con job.") They had three different Feng Shui people come in and work on a house at different times. They almost always contradicted each other. Pretty funny stuff.

So far, there have been seven episodes aired but they appear to be rerunning them even though they aren't done with the season yet. (Yay! That means I have a chance to see the four I missed: "Alternative Medicine", "Alien Abductions", "End Of The World" and "Sex, Sex, Sex"). The next one is on "Creationism". From the website: "This episode features a look into a Georgia school board debate." Should be interesting. Hot topic.

For the record: The show is called "Bullshit", because if P&T call people liars they might get sued. However, you can call them "motherfuckers" and what they do "bullshit" and your'e safe. Heh. Gotta love lawyers.