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Newsweek's Loaded Poll


A guy on one of my atheist mailing lists pointed this Newsweek poll out:

Does George W. Bush's religious faith inappropriately dictate policy?

·Yes. Church and state are supposed to be separated

·No. What's wrong with bringing morality to the White House?

·Don't know.

Gee. Where's the option for "this is a fucked up poll"? The implication here is that if you are for separation of church and state that you are opposed to bringing morality into the White House. That, essentially, you can't be a moral secularist. Could it get more loaded than that?

Not suprisingly, 67% of people voted in favor of morality. And who can blame them? I mean... how can you vote against morals?

Maybe the next question should be "Should we invade Iraq?" and the possible choices could be:
·Yes, Saddam is evil and must be stopped!

·No, I'm a terrorist! ← hint: pick this one to be evil, boys and girls!

-0= Newsweek.

Update: Adding a link to the poll in question. It's on the left sidebar, about halfway down the page.