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"I'm Godzilla and you're Japan!"

TTDIDWYD. That's short for Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead. Just saw it on the ol' Netflix rental plan.

It's is a gritty, pulp crime flick in the vein of Pulp Fiction and City of Industry. While not as good as either of those two flicks, it's still a fun ride for fans of that genre. The plot is fairly straightforward and the dialogue ranges from over-done cliche to clever and snappy. There are some braindead and/or no-brainer bits as well as a couple of truly inspired scenes... such as Critical Bill's workout regimen. ("It's not bothering him much." Haw!)

The best thing about TTDIDWYD is by far the cast. It stars Andy Garcia (aka "Jimmy The Saint") as a suave mofo of an ex-gangster. His crew consists of Christopher Lloyd (aka "Pieces" Ahahahahah!), William Forsythe (aka "Francise"), Bill Nunn (aka "Easy Wind") and Treat Williams (aka "Critical Bill"). They're all fun to watch. Even Treat (wtf kinda name is that?) who I don't particularly care for.

Andy's character is pulled back into the gangsta life by the local mob-boss, aka "The Man With The Plan", played by Christopher Walken. It's one last job, an offer that can't be refused... yadda yadda yadda. Ok, whatever. A bit trite, but who cares? It's Christopher fucking Walken, dammit.

Of course, it all goes to shit. The "action" goes south. Tits up. Shit hits the fan. etc. etc. AND of course, there's a love complication by the name of Dafney, or Dagnabit, or Dagney or something. In other words, Gabrielle Anwar's character.

Fairuza Balk also makes an appearance as a streetwalker and Steve Buscemi is incredibly cool as "Mr. Shh". (That guy freakin rocks.)

Anyways, a fun ride made even better by cool actors who I enjoy watching. I also took away one valuable life lesson:

"Fuck the head!" ... heh.

PS: 4 out of 5 generic crime flicks