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OK, so I'm behind on the blog . I've been hammered by work. (That's hammered BY work, not hammered AT work. If I was hammered AT work I'd have plenty of time to blog and whatnot. Incidentally, I work on some really cool projects at work, but I can never talk about them till they are released. They are almost always top top TOP secret. Apple is pretty tight-lipped about pre-release stuff. Surprise is a big factor for us.) I've also been working pretty hard on my pet project.

But fear not, gentle blogfans, you aren't the only ones I'm dissin'. I'm behind on my really-real-world friends, web forums, chat, books, movies, comics, gaming and general fucking about. Hell, I'm even behind on catching up with my Mom. (Oh, quit looking at me like that... I called her today.)

I'm slowly catching up on some music though. (I needed some new/fresh tunes to work to.) I bought Evanesence, The Streets and the House of 1000 Corpses Soundtrack this week. (I like the fact that Evanesence was described as "anguish pop rock" in an article I read. :) I should have the Transplants disc today or tomorrow too.

Ah, I suppose I also haven't been bloggin because it's hard to do so without discussing the war and I've written emails, posted elsewhere and just generally discussed it to death ... so I've sort of left it out of my blog recently.