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Apartment Hunt: 2003


"Fuck this place." I snapped last week and decided I'm moving.

My place in Mountain View is quite cool on several counts. It's a big two bedroom with high, exposed wood ceilings. I've got a good deal on the dollar-to-sqft ratio. The neighborhood is a nice residential area. It's walking distance to Downtown MV which is a decent lil' downtown by most standards.

On the otherhand: The walls are so thin I'm pretty sure I know my neighbor's favorite coital positions by sound at this point. The 6-plex is old and creaky... yet lacks old and creaky character. It's so creaky that I'm guessing my downstairs neighbors can pinpoint my location at any given time. (Which is, of course, why I've taken to leaping between pieces of furniture in order to confuse them.) The management is not on-site and unresponsive, to say the least. I'm pretty sure the termites are NOT gone, just regrouping for a full-scale invasion and I'd rather not be living in the DMZ when it happens. Also, it might not be bad to be paying less rent.

Time to reduce and relocate. So, I started a new hunt. As with every time I look at apartements I look as far north as San Mateo and as far south as Los Gatos. The idea of including Los Gatos in the search is usually slighlty pipe-dreamish. I LOVE that town and spent a good deal of time there a decade and two or so years ago. It's just so expensive, unless you get lucky.

And I got lucky. I found a nice ground floor, one bedroom in the only large complex in Los Gatos. It's walking distance from downtown, and specifically The Black Watch (er, for better or worse.)