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Lojack for People


Slashdot has an story on what strikes me as Lojack for People. It caused some interesting discussion amongst the geeks about the possible uses and abuses.

Here are some interesting (



) and funny (


) comments.

Not that there aren't some legitimate, beneficial, and ethical uses for something like this... but the potential future abuses still give my inner conspiracy theorist the chills. (And yes, I know I'm already quite trackable by the fact that I have a cellphone, lojack, and credit cards, etc. I can ditch all that stuff. :P) The mere thought that someday something like this could be required (or pseudo-required as MrFrenty hypothesized) fits right into a grim view of Orwellian future which, right now, doesn't necessarily seem so far-fetched. (*cough* Patriot *cough* Act *cough*). Do I really think this dark future will come to pass? No, I do not. However, I do believe it could, and would, were there not for people who will actively work to prevent such oppression. After all, "the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."† It's times like this I really value the EFF and even the ACLU.

This is a great saying with a murky past. Some call it a quote, others a paraphrasing, of Edmund Burke. Here's an essay if you're interested in a little rat hole. :)