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Google inspires some good timewasters (such as GoogleWhack and GoogleFight) and the latest one I've seen provided me with a much needed 10 minute break during the workday today.

It's Googlism.

Below are the highlights of what Googlism had to say about me.

    The Accurate:
  • cls is live

  • cls is operational

  • cls is out of the office [mentally, anyways -cls]

  • cls is a once in a lifetime opportunity

    The Wholly Untrue:
  • cls is wholly owned by the university of saskatchewan [! -cls]

  • cls is not exclusive

  • cls is 501 [I think I'm more like 750, but some friends claim I'm more like 710 -cls]

  • cls is stable

  • cls is successful

  • cls is completely equipped to deal with the complex requirements of your organisation's customer relationships and the perfect tool to achieve

    The Favorites:
  • cls is not an issue that is high on the agenda of corporates [That's a relief! -cls]

  • cls is now imminent

  • cls is a boon to saskatchewan's economy

  • cls is a proud member of the strategic alliance group

  • cls is welcome in nla [where?! -cls]

  • cls is also caused by spontaneous mutation in which there is no family history of cls [ :( -cls]

  • cls is able to conduct an immediate psychiatric assessment to determine whether an accused person is suffering from a mental illness [I told you you were crazy. -cls]

  • cls is chosen as the initial support method [Talk to me. -cls]

  • cls is an excellent way to ensure cross

  • cls is the catalyst for the innovative

  • cls is proving its conceptual strength even before operations have begun

  • cls is a rare disorder that seems to affect mostly males [Most women don't talk to me -cls]

    The Obvious:
  • cls is a command which allows the user to clear the complete contents of the screen and leave only a prompt

Back to work.