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etechwarehouse.com sucks


Don't do business with these losers. Their customer service department fucking blows. (Fuck you, Keith. You fuckwad.)

Ok, so... I was ordering a 2-port ADC KVM switch box. It's not exactly a brand new computer or a shiny new car, but it's not a cheap little KVM either. ADC KVM's can be kinda expensive as far as KVMs go. This one, in particular, was $257.99 through them. A good deal, actually. (If you don't factor in Keith.)

As not having this switchbox is one of the delaying factors in me getting all my machines hooked up at home, I was quite anxious to get it. If I knew of a brick-n-mortar shop where I could go get it, I would. So, instead I bit the bullet and paid for the 2-day FedEx shipping. $20.

Well, as it turns out there was a problem with my billing / shipping address. They sent me a mail telling me that and I called them the next day to straighten it out. (They wouldn't ship to my shipping address because it was different than my billing address and wasn't on file with the credit card company. Ok, now I get why they do that.. prevents fraud. Ok. I buy stuff and have it shipped to work all the friggin' time and I've never run into this before. But, ok... whatever.) I sorted it out with the phone rep and he told me that the order was processed and would be shipped out. Since I had asked for 2-day shipping, I confirmed that it would be shipping that day and not the next. That was on the 17th. yay!

Today, the 19th, I checked the order status on the web page. It was on hold again with a fucking "address mismatch" error. No email this time. It's just fucking sitting there "waiting for customer information". Now I was a little irritated because I was expecting to HAVE my switchbox today or tomorrow and now I am finding out that the order isn't even processed yet. And I'm finding out by going and looking, instead of them letting me know. hello? wtf?

So, I call them to inquire about my order, again. Keith, the poorly trained monkey they have answering my call, tells me that the billing address I gave them didn't match what Amex had on file. huh. Ok, well I DID just move and perhaps not all of Amex's systems were updated yet or whatever. I explained that to him. I was, at that time, considerring just telling him to try processing the order again. However, he accuses me of giving them "mis-information" last time I talked to them. What the fuck?

Now you see, the thing is that two days ago, etechwarehouse told me, on the phone, that the order was processed and would be shipping THAT day. THAT's fucking mis-information, you ignorant shithead.

Ok, frustrating enough. I attempt to explain this to Keith as well, still politely as I can muster, but he begins to talk over me. (!) He tells me that I am wrong and that the rep didn't really tell me that. Excuse me?

Now, I rarely lose my cool with anyone. Especially retail salespeople, customer service people, etc. But this fuckin' monkey was talking over me and calling me a liar. Unbelievable and unacceptable. I decided I wasn't going to do business with this unprofessional fucknut. We argued a bit more and then I told him to "cancel my fucking order" and so he did.

Fuck etechwarehouse.com (aka etw.com) and fuck you, Keith.

I'm still debating whether I should spend my money on the ADC KVM somewhere else or on a baseball bat and a ticket to Tampa, FL.