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Today Was a Good Day


...I didn't even have to use my AK.

Ok, actually it was yesterday that was the good day, but I wanted to quote Ice Cube. Anyhow, the girl came over and helped me take some stuff down to Los Gatos (after we had a pint at The Rose & Crown in Palo Alto*). Later, we had dinner at Nola's which is a cool little New Orleans-ean restaraunt in Palo Alto. (Why, yes, of course it has a website.) Great food and a fun atmosphere. I recommend their Blackened Chicken Penne Pasta. Annette said the oysters were only ok. (She wasn't able to get me to try them. :P )

It was fun having a somewhat normal day for a change, since our schedules are so wh4ck3d.

*=I finally had Boddington's, which a friend of mine just loves. It was ok. I wasn't overly impressed. (Sorry, Ron.)