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Getting the Tech in Order


So, DSL is in. LinkSys WiFi configged. G4 (wtf) in the DMZ. Tivo HMO set up.

I no longer have to sneak onto my neighbors wireless network to get my email. :)

Oh, and I've been (appropriately) badmouthing eTechwarehouse on all the consumer sites. (epinions.com, pricegrabber.com, etc.) Looks like I am not the only one, either. Lots of bad reviews. Keith must be very busy. (Oh, btw, fuck you, Keith, you fuckin' fuck.) I'm doing more research next time I try to buy from a non big-name company on the web.

For the record, I'm ordering my IOGear switchbox via The Nerds who, in addition to having such an endearing name have a good rep. -0= etw.