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Saturday + Wine = Rawk


Annette took the day off and we went to a wine tasting, hosted by my friend/coworker Matthew. We sampled some very fine Olive Curtis wines. (They make a great, somewhat atypical Chardonnay and their Old Vine Zin is goning to be something to kill for.)

After we left the tasting, we decided we were up for some more wine. So we hit The Wine Galleria in San Jose. We were served by Angela (who was new and just learning how much wine to pour for a tasting... woohoo! hehe) and the joint's winemaster, Sean. They were a lot of fun and we were the only one's in the place, for a while. I think that got us a wee bit more wine than if they had have been busy. Sean was very happy to introduce us to some of the staff favorites. Um, we were happy about that too. :)

All in all we came out of the day with six bottles of wine. Two from Oliver-Curtis and four from the Galleria. Good shit, maynard.

Oh, and somewhere in there we had a pint downtown and had a good psuedo-mexiacan dinner. It's great when we get to spend a weekend day together.