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Christian Singles Spam


Ok, could they BE any more off on their demographic targetting?

I mean, come on. Nevermind that I'm an atheist with a girlfriend. With the exception of Catholic Schoolgirls and naughty Nuns, I'm just generally not attracted to Christians, ya know? In fact, "non-Christian/Jew/Muslim" is kinda high on my desired featureset (heh) for a woman. (No offense to my Christian friends. ;) Of course, they're prolly mostly happy that I'm not sullying their womenfolk with my heathen ways.)

The spam claims that their service has "worked for 1000's just like" me. huh. I find that just a tad bit unlikely. Lying, spamming gits.

Fuck ChristianCafe.com. Fuck DailyFYI. Fuck all'a y'all.

PS: The spammers, DailyFYI, put their mailing address on the spam. Do I know anyone in Tarzana? If so, please drive by 18324 Oxnard Street Unit 2 and moon them or something.