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"The word monkey does not exist in the Bible." (PerversionTracker)


If yer a MacGeek, you know and love VersionTracker (unless you totally suck or prefer MacUpdate, I guess.). Now, if you're a MacGeek AND have a good sense of humor, you should get to know PerversionTracker too. "The highly trained PerversionTracker staff locates the very worst of Mac software. We search the web for 15 minutes a day - so you don't have to!"

I love this site. I wish I would remember to visit it more often.

Check out their review of iBible for a prime example of their work.

PS: Also... an example from their Singin' Text 1.1 review: "The unharmonic confluences are sure to make our spleens leap for joy before messily rupturing, causing untold damage to a small tin of torx-head bolts coincidentally situated adjacent." ... Haw! Now that's comedy, people!