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Lighting Bolt! Lighting Bolt! Lighting Bolt! Lighting Bolt!



It's a video of a buncha people playing a fantasy LARP. I'd never seen anyone play a fantasy LARP before. Um...

Ok. Now. Really. They look like they are having fun and I don't begrudge anyone having their fun any way they see fit. Honest. (I game, used to go to renfaire, etc.) But there's one thing that bugs me.

Someone in that group was bright enough to realize that when you gather a buncha geeks & dorks together in bad costumes to thwack each other with fake weapons and pelt the ogre with lightning bolts it needs to be done out in the woods. Secluded. Away from the mocking eyes of... well... everyone else on the planet. But no-one realized that videotaping this thing might be a BAD idea? Not to mention converting it to an mpeg so that it could be conveniently mocked on a global scale? *sigh*

But on the other hand, thanks for the entertainment. :)

PS: The QuarterToThree forum where my friend Ron found the link to the video.