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Catsup... er, Catch Up!


Long time, no blog. Lots of random updates and crap below. It's not funny, interesting or insightful. Unless your're really bored, I suggest you skip it.

Ok. I haven't had time to do much of anything interesting lately. I'm tired. I feel as though I've been chased through the jungle by a ferocious cat. Like a Panther perhaps. Yeah, seems like work has been sucking up almost all of my time. Late nights, weekends, they're all at risk until we're done. I'm really excited about this release, though. There's so much cool shit packed in there. (You go look on your own. I'm not making any other comments until release. There's other stuff going on at work as well, but I can't say shit about those projects.) So, in some ways it kinda makes it better.

But what truly makes it better is my girl. She's totally understanding about the late hours and trashed weekend plans and everything. (Hopefully the insane workload ends before her threshhold for this bullshit gives out. ;)

She bought me fun stuff for my birthday. A book I wanted ("Masters of Doom") and some legos. Allow me to clarify... by "some" I of course mean "one of the coolest fucking things ever, the lego pirate ship!!!!" (Yeah, that's right. Multiple exclamation points, baby!) She also got me a cheesecake. :d We started putting the ship together and she is learning to love the lego experience. hehe.

We did manage to go and see One Upon a Time in Mexico last weekend. It's the sequel to Desperado (or, for those in the know, it's the third in the El Mariachi trilogy). It was, well... fun. Unfortunately, it was a LITTLE too over the top. I mean, Desperado had it's share of gunshots causing people to fly through the air and whatnot, but what Once Upon does to the laws of physics is just plain rude. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoyed the film... but the experience was a series of good, great, bad and awful moments: "Woah, cool." "Depp is fuckin' funny." "Uh, what?" "Antonio is slick." "wtf was that?" "Salma is friggin hawt!" "Um, whatever." "Neat trick with the bike." "Uh, that gun isn't big enough to make people FLY." "Ok, so Enrique is almost not totally annoying." "Uh, what the hell was that with the kneecaps?!" "Oh, come ON!" Robert Rodriguez, my man, you still rock... but settle down! And take a physics class or something.

And, a couple weekends prior we saw "Le Divorce". Pretty good movie. I have an excuse to see chick flicks in the theatre again...er, I mean, I hate having to go out in public and be seen going into those damned chick flicks. Damn girlfriend. Yeah. Ahem. Anyway, before that, we saw Pirates of the Carribean which ab-so-fucking-lutely rocked. If you don't know, you must go see. If you disagree, well, you suck.

Firefly Series DVD is available for pre-order on Amazon. Release is sometime in December. yay! (Soon I will be able to finally delete those last three episodes off Tivo without crying!)

In between girlfriendtime and work, I've been playing Star Wars Galaxies and Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. SWG is fun for many reasons, but one of the nifty factors is more of my friends are playing it (at roughly the same time) than any other game. And Jedi Knight? Well, what can I say... it's hard to beat going online and cutting people's arms off with lightsabers. Not to mention the sheer glee of flinging schmucks off a cliff with Force Grip. heh.

Did you remember to talk like a pirate on the 19th? No?! What I don't link to it in a timely manner and you fuck up the most important day of the year!?! I am so disappointed in you. SO disappointed. Leave my blog. Now!