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New Desk


I got a cold that's gonna make my head pop and splatter mucous all over my new desk. Dammit.

Well, at any rate, the high point of my week is that I got a new desk.
It's from Anthro (a
buncha kick ass office equip manufacturers I met at MacWorld a few years
ago). target="_blank">This is what it looks like assembled. (href="/phonecam/09-30-04_1511-labelled.jpg"
target="_blank">And with labels. Heh.) It may not look like much in
a phonecam pic, but trust me.. it kicks ass. It could take your
computer desk in a fight. Yes, it has a bracket to hold the CPU under
the desk and off the ground AND has a cup holder. That's right. A

At any rate, I am thankful for my new desk and my girlfriend who brought
me soup and fed me booze. :)

Now, if I could somehow get rid of this mucous.