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Annual Mandatory Professional Introspection


Here I sit. Messing around online. Updating my blog. Updating my SG journal. Watching the Daily Show on TiVo. Waiting for my salmon-feta-spinach roast to be done cooking. Sipping Zinfandel I bought from my winemaker friend.

... putting of writing my Annual Performance Self Review for work.

I so hate writing this thing. You'd thing after being at this company for the better part of a decade (btw, omg) I'd have gotten blase about this or developed some method for churning one out without any effort.

Nope. I hate it. And I am power-procrastinating.

I'm good at my job. I get raises, bonuses, stock and most important of all, kudos. Ok, not *the* most important part, but ya know what I mean. I know I am good at my job and my management knows I am good. why do I have to go through this grueling task every year? And why is it so painful? I hate writing about myself, I guess (nevermind that I maintain both a blog)... I don't know. I guess it feels like bragging and I really just don't do that. Despite how often I do, honestly, rock.

Oh, dinner's ready!