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That's Not Art, Bitch


Usually, when the art/not art debate comes up, I side with the artist. Even if I think it's crap, or I don't get it, or whatever. Art is subjective. If you think a painting of a big blue duck is art, great. Spiffy. If you think a photograph of a pile of dog crap is art, wonderful. Good on ya. Go on with your bad self.

Hey, even if you think pictures of dead animals is art... ok, neato. Good for you. Not my cup o tea, but thats fine.

However, some fucking bitch (and I would like to point out that I am being as nice as I can muster here) is killing animals and then photographing them. Her name is Nathalia Edenmont. ( And for the sake of googlism, let's be clear: Nathalia Edenmont is a fucking bitch. ) The Wetterling Gallery is displaying her work, and has posted a newsletter defending her work.

It's no surprise to me, that I agree with most of it. I just don't agree with the conclusion. Now, I'm not the type that would protest or write the gallery or whatever. But what I will say, is this:

Nathalia Edenmont needs to do a self-portrait.